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10 Years Strong

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As Valley Cheer Athletics enters our 10th year, we couldn't be more excited for the fall season to start. With stronger teams than ever, it's sure to be a great year! 

Holiday Tumble Clinics

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Sign up today for some great tumble clinics. Keep your skills competition ready over the break and work on getting new ones!

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All-Star Team Placements

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June 11, 2016 

All-Star Team Placements will take place at the VCA Gym in Kentville @ 440 Main Street.

Summer Camp at VCA

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Last summer we were in the process of moving to our new location in downtown Kentville during the summer months, this summer we have been nicely settled in for almost a year, and cannot wait to enjoy some summer fun!

We are offering some awesome summer camps, where the participants will not only learn cheer and tumbling, but will have a blast participating in other sports activites and games, to make for a well-rounded experience! AND... as long as the weather is nice, we will take the campers swimming (supervised with lifeguards)  and to the park EVERY day as we are just a short walk away from the local pool and playground!

Our camp is designed for ages 4-12, and participants will be split into groups based on their age.

Camp space is limited, sign up early to receive your $10 discount and ensure you don't miss out!

All-Star 101: Understanding Your Role

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Another great article written by Craig Tatum about the roles on a cheerleading team.

Have a read by clicking the link below

New Home for VCA!

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We are thrilled to finally be able to announce that we will be in a permanent location for the 2015/16 Season!

After 7 seasons at local high schools and community gyms, where we had to set up and tear down our equipment every single night, we have finally secured a spot to call home.

In this spot we will be able to provide athletes with better tools to assist in their training process, such as spring floor, something that, when setting up and tearing down everynight, we simply were not able to have.

We faced many struggles, such as double bookings, snow days that weren't actually snow days forcing us to cancel practice because we had to follow what the schools did, and had limited access. This new facility will be an improvement in all of these areas!

Our new location will be at 440 Main Street in Kentville.

I truly believe everything happens for a reason, people come into our lives and very often there is reason to it. The person who will be leasing this building from is someone I worked for 4 years ago, I was a Nanny for his daughter, he owns a constuction company and often we would discuss options and plans to have our own gym someday. In 2014 we bought a piece of land, as many of you know, with intentions to build our own gym there. It is at that time that we started getting in touch again, at about the same time that we were ready to move forward with the financing for the building he reached out and said he had this oppotunity he wanted me to consider. At that point we looked at everything in great detail, and realized that going forward with the building of a new facility might not be the very best thing for the business at this point, and took this as a sign.

It has been a nervewracking few months waiting for everything to fall into place, but it finally has, and we can now say that we will be leasing the gym at 440 Main Street!

For those wondering about the land we purchased in 2014, what I can tell you is that it is ours, still is and will be. We have every itention to build the absolute best cheer facility in the future; and that is key, if and when we are going to build, we want it to be the absolute best, and view this new space at 440 Main Street as a stepping stone to getting us there.

There are still details to be worked out, such as exact move in date (which is thought to be sometime in August),  we will be sure to keep everyone updated as plans unfold.

I have attached a couple of pictures to give you all a sneak peak, they aren't the best, but imagine our banners hanging on the walls, trophies on display, blinged out in our signature bright blue, black and white... and it will be HOME!

We chose the theme of this year as Magic... and Magical things are definitely happening!

I write this with placements in 12 hours, and could not be more excited for what this season has in store.

#feelthemagic #believeinthemagicof8

-Megan Shepherd


Valley Cheer Athletics


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What Level is my Athlete?

As team placements approach, and coaches face the task of forming teams that will be successful and competitive in their divisions, but also provide a great learning experience for the athletes, the true level of athletes is extremely important.

Have a look at this great article, which outlines some of the key factors in level selection that coaches consider when going through the team pacement process.

Understanding the USASF Level System

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Understanding the USASF Level System

As team placements get closer here is another informative articles that outlines the USASF level system; another key component in the creation of successful teams

Click the link below to read about the USASF Level System

Understanding the Cheer Age Grid

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Understanding the Cheer Age Grid

At this time of the year, many cheer parents, especially the new families to the sport, are hearing phrases like “aging out” and trying to understand what age categories for Mini, Youth, Junior and Senior are. You may wonder why the age of an athlete is important when attending team placements. Valley Cheer Athletics prides itself on fielding strong, successful teams. We are successful because we understand how the USASF age grid works and how strong teams can be built by following the age grid.


Below is a link to a great article from Craig Tatum that explains the USASF age grid and helps athletes and cheer parents, both new and returning, understand the age grid and its role in team placement and the sport of cheerleading." target="_blank">


Team Placements!

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How you can become a VALLEY athlete

Becoming a member on one of our competitive teams is easy! All athletes-new and returning- must attend a team placement.

If you cannot make it to the scheduled placement, a private placement or video placement can be arranged.

At VCA, we have a team for every age and ability level. Never cheered before? No problem! You will learn everything you need to know from our team of fabulous, qualified coaches.

Our goal is to match athletes with a team that is right for them, allows for success and creates teams that are competitive in their divisions.

We will also offer the chance to "level-up" at the end of the summer; if an athlete gains new skills that could place them on a higher level team, they will be given the opportunity to successfully demonstrate those skills with the possibility of levelling-up.

Athlete Placements

Saturday June 6th

At Central Kings, Cambridge NS

Ages 11& under 1pm-3pm

Ages 12-15 3pm-6pm

Ages 16 and up 6pm-8pm

Video/Private Placement

Those unable to attend the scheduled placement can arrange private placement or video placement.

For details contact: [email protected]