There will be monthly Fundraising Committee meetings conducted by the Fundraising Director.

These meetings will be for discussion of fundraisers, new ideas, scheduled fundraisers, organization of upcoming fundraisers etc.

Fundraising will be organized through these meetings, with fundraising committee, Team Reps and any parents interested in attending. Fundraisers are organized to assist in the payment of additional fees only (competition fees, uniform fees). All fundraisers must be approved by the director.

All fundraisers MUST be approved by the Fundraising Director, from there, jobs for planning and organization will be discussed and delegated. If the idea for a fundraiser occurs prior to a meeting, an email for approval can be sent to rick@valleycheerathletics.com




  1. FUNDRAISING DIRECTOR: There shall be 1 fundraising director for the fundraising committee. This person will be asked by the Program Director to fill the role.
  2. TEAM REPS:  There shall be 1-2 Parent Representatives per team/class

Team Reps will be responsible for:

  1. For all fundraisers the first shift and the last shift must be filled with a Team Rep
  2. Team Reps will assist in the organization of the start of the fundraisers
  3. 1-2 Team Reps will be needed per fundraiser to work the last shift as a Team Rep will be needed for counting funds raised and getting funds to the Director to be deposited into the fundraising account
  4. Discussing potential fundraisers with meeting participants and providing sign up for those present at the meeting;
  5. Assist with creating schedules for fundraisers;
  6. Communicate all fundraiser events, plans, etc., to their team
  7. Communicate athlete expectations for fundraisers;
  8. Ensuring needed supplies (floats, signage, etc) are organized and plans made so that the first shift person has items in hand prepared to start the fundraiser.
  9. Team Reps also help in other areas with their teams such as being a source of information for the parents and athletes on your team. You will work with the Program Director to help send out reminders to your team about program reminders, events, make phone calls to ensure everyone has received the competition information and has arranged plans to be at events, help distribute applicable handouts to the team members etc.
  10. You will assist with organization of team events (bonding activities) and team parties.
  11. Collection of waivers for competitions if needed
  12. Meet your team at the team meeting location at competitions/events for team meet time to ensure they are all there and ready to hand off to the coach. For younger athletes you will meet them after they perform to ensure they get back to their parents.


Team Reps (parents) must apply. Team Rep positions will be re-opened each year in June.




  • Fundraisers are to help offset costs of participating in our program.
  • Although fundraising opportunities are available, they are not mandatory.
  • For large fundraisers (such as community suppers), money raised will be divided between THOSE THAT PARTICIPATE in the fundraiser for the accepted amount of time (as decided at the monthly meetings).
  • Fundraising operates on a “credit system” the funds raised get divided by the amount of “credits.” For example many fundraisers are broken down into 1 hour shifts, if not all shifts get filled, or someone does not show up and a child has to work 2 hours, a child who works 1 hour gets 1 credit, a child that works 2 hours get 2 credits.
  • All participants are expected to adhere to the fundraising expectations as set by Valley Cheer Athletics.
  • All fundraisers must be approved by the fundraising director, preferably at the monthly meetings, and if not via email.
  • Jobs required and organization will be delegated at the meeting (ie. A specific person put in charge of an event or aspects of an event if they wish to do so).
  • How credits will be received for that fundraiser will be determined and outlined, than opportunity to sign up will be made available
  • Notification of sign up for fundraisers will be sent out via email with link to click on that you go to for online sign up. Participants will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis, based on the online sign up system.
  • In the name of fairness, no other system for fundraising or sign up will be accepted.
  • For group fundraisers (ie. BBQ’s Bagging, Tagging, Auctions etc.) Shift schedule will be e-mailed out based on the online sign up; athletes will be able to sign up for one shift each. Schedule will be e-mailed out to participants one week prior to the fundraiser, at this point if there are still shifts available, athletes will be permitted to sign up for double shifts.



  • Should a cheerleader quit or be removed from their team, any money raised will remain with VCA. Any money raised in his/her name CANNOT be issued to a different member.



  • If any athlete raises more than is needed, that amount will be carried over to the next season for that person.
  • If an athlete decides not to return this money remains with VCA.



  • Team Uniforms, or t-shirts must be worn for identification purposes. No tank tops or revealing clothing.
  • Parents are not to wear any clothing item advertising liquor, cigarettes, sports teams, etc.   Neutral clothing is preferred.
  • All footwear must fully cover the foot, ie no flip-flops.  This is venue specific and will be established for each event.
  • Long hair must be tied back off the shoulders.  This pertains to certain venues and will be made clear for each individual event. Participants are encouraged to wear a cheer bow.
  • No chewing gum or beverages/food. Exceptions can and will be made if the event warrants.
  • No cellular telephones or other portable electronics. These items must be surrendered to the accompanying parent(s) and will be returned at the end of the event.
  • No loud, unruly or inappropriate behavior will be tolerated.  There will be a one warning rule in place then the member will be asked to leave or sit out.



  • If you sign up for a shift, it is expected that you fulfill that shift. If you cannot make your shift, you MUST provide adequate (at least 3 days notice) to your TEAM REP who will than communicate through the proper channels (ie. Fundraising Director and/or Person heading that specific fundraiser).
  • If you do not provide adequate notice, and fail to show up for a scheduled fundraising shift, you may lose out on any further opportunities for fundraising.